Post Secondary Scholarships


Our Post Secondary Scholarship Program is funded through various endowed scholarship funds of the Foundation. Support can be awarded to two year and four year universities, post secondary technical and trade schools, and limited funding for graduate studies.

Please Note: “POISE General Scholarships” Are for Students From Pittsburgh, PA / Allegheny County attending school/college anywhere in the United States.

The POISE General Scholarship has two (2) scholarship cycles per year: the Spring cycle (opens for application in mid-March) and the Fall cycle (opens for application in early September).

Application Period

The application period for the bulk of our scholarships opens in mid-March of each year (Except for KAPPA Scholarship Endowment Fund of Western PA (KSEF) which opens in November).

Many of our scholarship funds are based on donors restrictions such as student’s major, institution, grade point average, etc.

Please see individual scholarship webpage below for detailed descriptions, timelines and criteria.

Post Secondary Scholarships

To learn more about each scholarship and eligibility requirements and application timeline, click the links below:

Types of Scholarships