POISE Community Impact Grants

Semi-Annual Grants

POISE Foundation accepts online grant applications twice a year during its Spring and Fall funding cycle for requests that fit within one or more of its Priority Areas and are for activities within the Pittsburgh Region.

Grants are typically between $1,000-$5,000

Completing and submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI) is the first step in applying for a grant.  When the LOI process closes, your organization will be scheduled for a 30-45-minute interview about your project via Zoom. Following careful review and evaluation of all submitted LOIs, a select number of organizations will be invited to continue the application process by submitting a full proposal.  Final decisions will be made by the Board of Directors.  We will communicate the Board’s decision regarding your proposal in June or December, depending upon the grant cycle in which you’ve applied.  Grants will be awarded upon receipt of the signed grant agreement and completed W-9.

Funding Priority Areas

POISE Foundation’s mission is to assist the Black community in achieving self-sustaining practices through strategic leadership, collective giving, grantmaking, and advocacy.  Through the Community Impact Grants, the Foundation provides small grants to nonprofit organizations located in the Pittsburgh Region that provide services, and seeks to bring change to the Black community which leads to empowerment and self-sufficiency.  In general, grants are one year in duration.  

POISE typically provides grants to Black-led, Black serving nonprofit organizations offering programs and services that fit within one or more of our Priority Areas:

Programming that helps community leaders, residents and their communities build capacity to engage in civic participation, to collaborate, to make decisions and to advocate for the well-being of Black communities and the residents that live there.  These types of programs also seek to  engage community members in learning about and understanding community issues, and the economic, social, environmental, political, psychological, and other impacts on their way of life.  In addition, these programs should aim to foster pathways from poverty to prosperity for individuals and families in Black communities.  We also look for programming that encourages diverse and robust neighborhood and community economies.

Programming that supports and advances the educational achievement of Black youth in the Pittsburgh Region.  We also invest in programming that offers innovative approaches to learning experiences that engage families and communities in the academic and social success of Black youth.

Programming that advances the creation and development of Black businesses and cooperatives in the Pittsburgh Region.

Programming that supports and advances the well-being of young ladies in preparation for future endeavors in the Pittsburgh Region.

Through Strengthening Black Families, we can envision a region where the Black Family is restored a core institution that is actively thriving and engaged in the re-development and transformation of Pittsburgh’s Black community.  The Foundation will invest in programs and activities that build, strengthen, and support Black families.   

Priority will be given to programs and projects that focus on:

  • being family-driven;

  • building, strengthening, and supporting family development;

  • increasing family time, interaction, engagement and communication;

  • being culturally and contextually responsive in approach;

  • assisting families with building authentic support networks with other families;

  • providing families with tools and opportunities to build the skills necessary to advocate for their needs; and

  • promoting and supporting family healing and wellness.

Strengthening Black Families Eligibility Criteria:

  • Black-led, Black serving organization

  • Have a current 501(c)3 or a fiscal sponsor with this documentation

  • Serving Black families in Allegheny and Beaver Counties

Organizations may request up to $6,500 for Strengthening Black Families programs/projects.

For specific questions, contact grants@poisefdn.org