Human Equity & Justice Fund

Human Equity and Justice Fund Overview

Established by the Board of Trustees of POISE Foundation, the Human Equity and Justice Fund (HEJF) is designed to provide immediate financial support to organizations and movements actively addressing crises that significantly impact Pittsburgh’s Black community. While the fund has played a pivotal role in responding to various challenges, it is important to note that the HEJF is not currently offering support.

Originally, the HEJF’s focus was on responding to urgent issues such as the tragic events involving George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, ongoing violence against Black individuals, pervasive racial disparities in areas such as education, income, and employment, and the disproportionately severe impact of COVID-19 on African Americans. In line with these concerns, the Board of Trustees expanded the scope of the fund. This expansion includes the provision of seed grants to Black Led Organizations (BLOs) that are championing youth-led social change and encouraging intergenerational collaborations.

As of now, while the HEJF is not actively disbursing funds, it remains a crucial resource for future support. The fund is committed to its mission of advancing equity and justice within the community and will continue to uphold these values when it resumes its support activities.


Rapid Response Mini-Grants

Funds that provide immediate financial support up to $2,500 to support Black-led, Black-serving organizations and movements that are on the frontlines responding to unanticipated crises that significantly impact Allegheny County’s Black community. Funds may be used to support social justice activities associated with direct action, community organizing, emergency mobilizations, and healing justice. This grant is intended for short-term community responses to events, situations that require urgent or timely action, or moments that can leverage recent attention or media coverage. Funds are not intended for general operating support, budget shortfalls, established projects, or long-term programming.

Racial Equity Seed Grants

These grants provide programming support up to $10,000 for Black-led, Black-serving organizations that are advancing youth leadership, development training and opportunities, and community-based intergenerational collaborations and programming within the social justice space. Funds may be used to support programming activities. Grantees will be required to participate in Foundation-sponsored learning sessions with other Racial Equity Seed grantees. New and emerging programs will be considered. Funds are not intended for general operating support.