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Pooling Resources in the African American Community

The African American community has had to overcome immense odds in order to survive. Not only to survive but to persevere on a level that brings them continually upwards. The number of factors of opposition facing the community are generally the same as those of any group of people throughout the world, however, no other group in the United States has suffered such a continual level of suppression as the African American community and Native American communities. Often the two are intertwined, but the African American community's challenges are also unique and must be addressed by the kind of leadership that specializes in pooling resources in the African American community. Fortunately such a level of leadership exists in the form of Pittsburgh's very own POISE Foundation. This charitable organization has been a staple of assistance and guidance in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for over 30 years. It was founded by the late Mr. Bernard H. Jones who knew that pooling resources in the African American community required discipline, ethics and standards, professional wisdom and guidance. He encouraged various individuals and organizations in the community to accumluate resources which eventually were used to form the POISE Foundation.  Mr. Jones who had already been a renowned leader within not only the Pittsburgh area but around the country, gathered around himself the people he would need to help establish the Foundation and began pooling resources in the African American community. He built the foundation on the successes of past organizations and collaborations he created and with close colleagues created an institution that is helping the African American community to this day. The foundation has expanded quite a bit over the decades and is supported by a variety of individuals, organizations, foundations, and major corporations. To have such a diverse array of professionals, supporters, and recipients, has brought the name of the POISE Foundation to the forefront for decades.

How the Poise Foundation succeeds

Take into account how this Foundation works by pooling resources in the African American community. First of all it has it's charitable incorporated guidelines for ease of operation. To be effective the Foundation needs to have the administrative tools and guidelines so that the staff can easily acquire, consult, and execute orders and other actions. Without that resource things would get jammed up, but the Poise Foundation realized this far ahead of time and has provided that smooth administrative touch all along the way. Now we talk about leadership and officers and staff. Any charitable group like this needs the kind of people who take charge but also take responsibility. They are professionals who've been tested through and through. Some are former military officers who have faced challenges above and beyond the call of duty. That expertise is invaluable given the courage, sacrifice and discipline that it takes to achieve such success. Each member of the foundation has their own field of expertise as mentioned before. With educators and technicians, scientists, commerce, industry specialists and more, each contributes their own unique points of view, connections, and various other resources. These resources compliment one another and they are utilized in concordance with one another to better enhance the chances of success for the improvements of the person and the community. The community then adds their own resources, viewpoints, talents, to correspond with those of the foundations. These resources are carefully poured over and with that level of scrutiny, a far more efficient set of resources are then made clear to tackle just about any contingency. This pooling resources in the African American community not only ensures the standards of success but also boost the overall moral and good civil conduct that the Poise Foundation epitomizes and seeks in others. In this fashion, the African American community can bring to the table their own unique experiences and talents to secure a more fitting survival solution to the community and foundation. Artists who specialize in music or fine art can work hand in hand with the foundation's staff and perhaps offer free classes which would accelerate the progress of numerous students who might otherwise not have met and been tutored by a professional in their fields. Business groups who are contributing to the foundation can see the talent on board and perhaps hire these persons to produce and work with their products and services. A true character builder to say the least as each resource, be it man or materiel, is closely observed and acclimated into the foundation so that the money and resources available are distributed to the proper persons. There is a very large list of donors to this foundation and each gift is under the guidelines of the foundation as well as the law and this assures that all involved stay on the straight and narrow with clearly defined rules and guidelines so as to best administer the funds and services that the foundation provides.

The positive outcome of pooling resources in the African American community

Somehow the Poise Foundation found the value of the World Wide Web and made their website a crisp and clear look into their goals and objectives. A visitor can clearly see what the foundation holds, it's guidelines and resources. Studying the various grants and endowments as well as other charitable options, the Poise Foundation is well aware of how confusing such things can be for some people. It successfully lays out what is available, the names of the donors to that charitable fund, endowment, or gift, and then works with people in need of the gift to maximize their success. These gifts are from not only persons and institutions but also major corporations such as VISA USA. All are concerned about the well being and uplifting of the African American community as they know that such civic duty on their part means that all society benefits. It's not a one way street, but a road on which society itself can leap forward by adding more and more less dependent people but more take charge type of people with the African American community. Only through a foundation like the Poise foundation can the pooling of resources in the African American community be put to full and beneficial use for all.