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In addition to the grants, scholarship, and fiscal sponsorpship services that POISE provides, the Foundation from time to time initiates programs as creator or co-creator, in which we see tremendous value in executing our mission. In most cases the Foundation will play a leadership role in the initiative with the goal of creating a collaboration with others to achieve its purpose. Initiatives could be short or long term in nature.

We view the following as critical initiatives that allow us to execute our mission around grantmaking, community collaboration, or developing philanthropic resources.

Sustainable Black Community

POISE Foundation is leading an effort to help develop a vision for Pittsburgh's African American community. The effort will include many collaborations and deeply rooted in community conversations. Learn more here.

Giving Circles

Part of the underlying mission and goal of POISE Foundation is to create more as well as enhance the giving of African American Philanthropists in the Pittsburgh Region. By achieving our goal our primary purpose is to get our community more involved through giving of its time, talent, and treasures. Giving Circles present a method for individuals to engage in a strategic giving process. Read More.

Greater Pittsburgh After School Consortium (GPAC)

After many years of funding various after school programs and asking questions to determine knowledge sharing, POISE Foundation brought a group of 10 after school programs together to see if there were benefits in networking, information sharing and bringing their respective youth together for joint opportunities to conduct programs.

The Collaboration took hold after eighteen months of team building and formed a network called the Greater Pittsburgh After School Consortium. The Consortium has now taken on a life of its own with its own memorandum of understanding guiding its operations for its current and future members. Read More.

African American Funders Group (AAFG)

In the spring of 2005, Sylvia Fields, Executive Director of Eden Hall Foundation, Demetria Gibson-Bocella, formerly with the Multicultural Arts Institute, and Mark Lewis, President and CEO of POISE Foundation, met to discuss the lack of communication as well as knowledge of African Americans in Pittsburgh’s grantmaking community. The three discussed ways to determine who they knew in the grantmaking community and how they could begin to network. Read More

Greater Pittsburgh Chapter – Tuskegee Airmen Institute (GP TAI)

On February 2, 2008, the POISE Foundation in conjunction with Regis Bobonis, Sr., held the Gathering of Eagles event at the Heinz History Center. The purpose of this event was to recognize and honor the Tuskegee Airmen who originated or lived in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. This tribute was the result of the research conducted by Regis Bobonis, Sr. His research began with unconvering 8 men from the town of Sewickley, PA, just north of Pittsburgh who became Tuskegee Airmen. Read More.