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The POISE Foundation’s goal is to assist Pittsburgh and Allegheny County’s Black community to grow its ability to become self-sustaining. To accomplish this, we believe a program of community wealth building must take place.   Although there are many interpretations of what a sustainable community means, we believe it to have the following characteristics:

  • Ensures economic, environmental and social issues are interrelated
  • Considers environmental, economic, and social impacts/costs of development and community operations
  • Protects and enhances natural, cultural, historical and human assets and resources
  • Fosters multi-stakeholder collaboration and citizen participation, and
  • Focuses on improving community health and quality of life.


To help our community achieve self-sustainability, POISE provides GrantsScholarships and supports various Initiatives designed to promote community collaboration and wealth building.  It is our goal as a small foundation to be viewed like a “rudder on a ship” that helps steer us in the direction the community wishes to go.

The Foundation is dependent on the many donors who have established endowed funds with the Foundation as well as those who make general contributions from time to time.  Our donors support many initiatives through POISE by creating donor advised, field of interest, designated and scholarship funds.  Some donors, through unrestricted funds or general donations, have chosen to allow our Board of Trustees to determine where within the community their investment would be most useful and have the greatest impact. Accordingly, we partner with our donors to affect and provide a positive impact within the community.