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Who is a Philanthropist? Believe it or not it can be you.  As a matter of fact, you may already be a philanthropist but you just have not realized it.  The mistake is believing that we have to be among the most wealthy to be a philanthropist.  For many years, African Americans have used philanthropic methods of collective giving to ensure the needs of individuals and families in our community were met.  Today, many of us are givers to many organizations and causes.  However, POISE Foundation believes in order to have a systemic impact in our community, we need to give strategically.  Primarily, this means taking our collective resources and focusing them on the issues that most impact our community.

In 2007, the University of Pittsburgh’s Center on Race and Social Problems published a report titled PITTSBURGH RACIAL DEMOGRAPHIC:DIFFERENCES AND DISPARITIES. In this study, the Center cited that in 1999, the collective income from African Americans living in the city of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Region was $1.1 billion and $2.5 billion, respectively.  If we took 1% of this amount ($25,000,000) annually and reinvested in our neighborhoods to address the root causes of the many issues plaguing our community, many of the disparities cited in the study would cease to exist.

So a primary part of our mission is to connect individuals who are interested in aligning their charitable donations with strategic initiatives that will result in systemic change for the Pittsburgh Region.

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Featured Donors

Marilyn Louise Robinson Fund

We have chosen the POISE foundation to keep the memory of the legacy of my mother alive and fulfill her life-long dream.

Tony Fountain Fund

I chose to establish a general scholarship in the Poise Foundation based on three facts: Blessings, Sustainablility and Giving is Receiving.